How You Can Get Our Prescription Treatment Without Coming to Houston:

A physician must have seen you and made an appropriate diagnosis of hair loss. As evidence For this, we need to see any one of the following items:

In addition, you need to talk to Dr. Proctor on the telephone ( 713-960-1616 ). About noon Central time is usually good..

OR : Get your local physician to write a prescription for it as follows:

"Proxiphen, Formulate ad lib, Dispense PRN ".

Send the order to us as above. We will fill it and return it to you along with instructions and an information form to fill out. The cost is $100 per month for every month you are on every day treatment--typically 8-12 months. After this, the cost is about $50 per month for every-other-day maintenance. We accept check, cash or credit cards.

If you do the above, please take "before" pictures. It is very easy to forget where you started. Use a Polaroid camera ( since exposure, developing, etc. are automated, it's more reproducible) about 18"-24" away from the head. Take side and top shots. Thickening shows much better than replacement.

For your doctor: As usual, patient selection and counseling against unreasonable expectations is the key to good results. Simply stated, medical treatment thickens fine hair and replaces some recent loss. We generally can stop people from getting worse and coarsenin what they have. In addition, most people get some variable amount of regrowth of recent ( less than 4-5 years ) hair loss. Treat any new growth in shiney bald areas or in front of a hair line as a bonus.

The prescription drugs we use are phenytoin and spironolactone (an antiandrogen) compounded into a cream base. The other active ingredients include copper peptides, SODs, nitrones and nitroxides such as NANO, TEMPO, and PBN, and so forth. For more on this, see our patents at Science.

The only significant side-effect to date is allergic contact dermatitis, 1-2% of the time. Usually this allergy is to the vehicle and is generally correctable by changing the formulation slightly.

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