Hair Loss Treatment

Effect of An SODase on Diabetes-induced Hair Loss

These are sample matched rats made profoundly diabetic, with blood sugers over 600.. The one on the right (A-1) was treated with Orgotein ( a purified injectable bovine superoxide dismutase ) in an attempt to prevent diabetic cataract from developing. This didn't work, as you can see from the nice diabetic cataracts. Unexpectedly, tho profoundly diabetic, he did not show coat shedding, as did his matched control ( B-1 ) on the left. The arrow points to an area where the hair has fallen out and skin is showing through. The brown color is due to diarrhea ( these rats get pretty sick). Orgotein protected against this also.

These studies are over 20 years old. This chance observation is one of several things that convinced me that radicals are cellular messengers. This concept is now better known as free radical or " redox " signaling. The logic is that the hair cycle is intricately controlled. Thus, a specific action such as inducing the anagen-catagen transition must be transmitter-mediated, rather than due to non-specific damage.

Subsequently, other researchers have reported a role for active oxygen species in other complications of diabetes. For a review, see: Van dam, et al. "The role of Oxidative Stress in Neuropathy and Other Complications of Diabetes, in Diabetes Metabol Rev. 11:181-192:1995.

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