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We treat hair loss, balding and alopecia. Hair loss treatment with
regrowth is quite possible. So is treatment of balding and alopecia.
This includes alopecia areata.  Some hair regrowth agents to treat thinning
hair include minoxidil finasteride propecia and proscar.  Other hari
loss treatments include SODases, NANO, and antiandrogens.  Hair-loss
is also spelled hair loss.  So, hair-loss treatment can also be hair
loss treatment.<p

Peter H. Proctor, PhD, MDhair-loss cadeuceus

Balding ? Hair loss ? Our program for the medical treatment of hair loss is the product of 14 years of development and screening of hair loss treatment agents. We offer both prescription and non-prescription formulations for the treatment of balding, alopecia, and hair-loss.

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